Who are Mali

And what’s this about?

David Barnier

My name is David Barnier, and I bring a unique blend of creativity and care to my handmade crafts. My background as a Speech Pathologist for over 20 years has fostered a deep understanding of individual needs. This passion for tailoring solutions led me to design my own resources, and now, delightful characters and stories for you to cherish.

Crochet is a passion and a way to express my creative side. I adore the feel of natural fibers and the meditative rhythm of working with my hands – a legacy inspired by my grandmother’s tireless crocheting.

Meet Mali and Casper

Mali and Casper were my beloved hound dogs. To honor their loyalty and spirit, I wanted to create a special online space just for them.

Casper, a rescue cocker spaniel, lived a lovely retirement at the beach until he was 15. Mali never liked getting his photo taken.