Who are Mali

And what’s this about?


David Barnier:
Speech Pathologist

My name is David Barnier I’ve been a Speech Pathologist for over 20 years working with kids and adults over many different linguistic areas. I usually design my own resources because I can never find anything that’s ‘just right’ for them.

This is my way of exploring characters and stories to help kids learn literacy and concepts and ideas.

It’s also a way for me to practice my crochet.

This is a way for me to share my own resources for everyone else to use and collaborate with experts and designers to create specific tools to help kids with their unique language development neeeds.

Meet Mali and Casper

Mali and Casper are my two trusty hound dogs. No longer with us I thought it was a fitting to honour their good characters with a site of their own. 

Casper, a rescue cocker spaniel, lived a lovely retirement at the beach until he was 15. Mali never liked getting his photo taken.